EDC Gun Belt – Belt options for concealed carry

Gun belts for the concealed carry dude (or chick.) A look at different belts that gun guys commonly use as their everyday belt. There will always be pros and cons to different belts, and hopefully I can touch on most of them in this video.

It’s not a comprehensive video of every belt available, but it’s a pretty good variety. If there is a belt you think I should check out, let me know in the comments! These are just some of the best options for an EDC belt in my opinion.

Snake Eater Tactical – http://www.snakeeatertactical.com/

Kore Essentials – http://www.koreessentials.com/ (either the X1 or X2 Gun Belts)

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Jorge Medrano says:

*WARNING* If anyone comments on this video negatively about SOE and you get a reply from Micheal Blocksom ignore it. Its a Youtube Troll

Ed Wo says:

Best bang for the buck is an SOE low profile EDC belt.

Ray Christoff says:

After several failed attempts to obtain a comfortable gun belt for EDC the Kore Essentials belt met all my expectations. The quality rigidity, comfort and price filled the bill. I would highly recommend this belt to anyone looking for one. Another feature that was really important was that being a big person the belt was plenty big and it allowed me to adjust it to my size with no problem.

Irish Assassin says:

That belt in the middle that you don’t use that you couldn’t remember the name of looks like the Alonso Defense Covert belt.

zondy008 says:

Am I the only one that thinks his holster is kind of big for appendix..

Carlos Cardona says:

Just bought the snake eater tactical belt. I used your linq thanks for all your great reviews. Im currently using your holster and i have been for the last year its awesome! I cant wait for my belt!

Matt Hawn says:

What kind of pants are those?

Armatis Reviews says:

I love my Kore Essentials Trakline EDC belt. It’s been holding up to nearly six months of every single day use with an M&P9c and spare magazine. I love being able to adjust it at my leisure. Highly recommended. No problems at all.

Michael Sneider says:

Kore Gun Belts are Fantastic

Two belts, three buckles, zero problems. Kore Belts are strong enough for EDC and you wont look like a whacko wearing a velcro nylon “gun belt.” I even wear them almost daily as a dress belt for work even when not carrying. It’s the ultimate definition of the word “concealed.”

new speed says:

Someone should do one on carrying a 1911 with a belt

Agha Ali says:

ur the best

Michael Sneider says:

Two belts, three buckles, zero problems. Kore Belts are strong enough for EDC and you wont look like a whacko wearing a velcro nylon “gun belt.” I even wear them almost daily as a dress belt for work even when not carrying. It’s the ultimate definition of the word “concealed.”

Vdubkillertodd says:

Kore Gun Belt exactly what I’ve been looking for

I recently visited my local gun show and was looking at a carry/conceal belt and was right on the verge of purchasing it. I’m very glad I didn’t purchase the belt from the gun show. The Kore Trakline belt is far superior than any belt I’ve owned, and seen in person. My advice to anyone is to really consider Trakline before any other belt….you will NOT regret it!!

Cam C says:

The Kore Essentials is my first purpose built carry belt and I’m very impressed. I wanted something that I could wear with regular clothes that wasn’t an inch thick “tactical” looking belt. This is the perfect solution. It’s easy to use and adjust quickly, thin but very supportive (I EDC a CZ P01… not a light firearm) and I can wear it with casual or dress clothing without it looking out of place. Most of all, I like not having to play a guessing game as to which size belt to buy you go through with standard buckle belts. I recommended this to a family member and he loves it as well. I will absolutely buy this again.



Len G. says:

Good lord hope you never accidentally discharge your weapon. You will have much higher octave in your voice. Great info btw.

J G says:

The Kore gun belts are top notch. The buckling mechanism works extremely well and the leather is very high quality. This is my third belt from Kore – I wear them every day now, whether I am carrying or not and have started throwing out all of my old belts.

Chris Z. says:

Do any companies sell a 1.25″ belt like the Snake Eater? I like the simplicity of it over the other style.

SoCalHunter says:

Hey bud, have you ever looked at NexBelt? Similar to the click leather you showed but stiff nylon –> https://youtu.be/TeBUVS9BX9k

Joel Lacoss says:

Best Gun/Everyday belt to date

Great – I have used many belts to carry sub-compact to compact firearms. This belt not only is extremely comfortable and holds up the weight with no issues, but it also looks great! The leather and multiple buckle options make this a great belt for everyday use. I can where it for EDC, casual wear, or wear it with my suit. Aside from the practical use and style – One of the main selling points here is the trak system. No more holes that stretch out and that can never seem to get the right fit. The trakline system allows for micro adjustments so that you can control the comfort from sitting, standing, long car rides, etc. I have recommended this belt to friends and family who have purchased this product and also love it. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who carries regularly or who just wants a stylish and inovative new look to replace thier old belts.

Kelan Carrigan says:

That Kore Trackilne gun belt is a great belt. I’ll never buy a regular gun belt again. It looks like a normal belt, but will always fit your waist perfectly! I use it to carry IWB and there are times when I need to loosen or tighten. This allows you do it it quickly and inconspicuously. A truly great belt!

D10 DozerMan says:

I received my new KORE Trakline X2 Gun Buckle & Black Reinforced Belt today. I order this for my CCW weapon which is a Glock-36 (45acp) and I have to say this belt holds my OWB holster with gun & 2 spare mags perfectly! The belt is very comfortable and I really like how the trakline & ratcheting buckle system works. It’s NO joke! You will get the perfect fit every time you put this belt on. 🙂 Throw out your old style of belts that has the holes.. No more oh it’s too tight or to loose. I can not see myself ever going back to a belt with holes for adjustments now that I have my new Kore Trakline Belt. It’s a perfect fit every time I put it on. The quality of the leather is Top-Notch. This belt is amazing and I recommend it to everyone. Thank you Kore Essentials for Great Customer Service, Fast Shipping, and An Awesome Belt !

Matthew Johnson says:

I have to say, that this is a great gun belt! i really like the X4 Buckle it is very nice and looks great! also have the X2 and that is a great buckle too you can not go wrong with either buckle. i have wore a gun belt for over 20 yrs and the Kore belt is by far the Best GUN Belt i have ever wore. For those who have wore a duty belt (a good Duty belt) you can now have that level of stability it a belt for off duty carry. i purchased the Tactical Gun Belt because I’m one size bigger than their leather belt but I’m so happy that i chose their Tactical belt, it is the one i choose over all the rest and i put my money were my mouth is. I have already bought 2 more (1 Tan 1 Black) so that i can have them ready for different load out options .Keep up the great work on these great products. also the Kore Bi-fold wallet is very nice as well.

John Cook says:

Ordered a Kore gun belt on a Monday, got it on a Thursday (a couple of months ago). Cut it to the specs that they recommend. I have a full size gun (Springfield XDM 3.8 barrel, holds 19 1) and had been using an Old Navy belt. What a difference. The Kore belt is a bit stiff at first, but once you wear it a while, it starts to slide through the loops easily. It’s plenty stiff and thick for wearing a holstered weapon in any location on your waist. My favorite part is definitely the buckle. I can now ACTUALLY fit my belt to my waist, firearm on it or not. I am saving up to buy the brown belt, so I can wear it with anything in my wardrobe, but I would HIGHLY recommend this belt to anyone in the gun community. Well done, Kore Trakline.

YT _LIFE says:

Can you do another belt option video for 2017

travis haley says:

So far, I’ve had 3 total EDC cobra belts. I’m looking into the Snake Eater Tactical now.

EDC belt ranking IMHO:

1. Blue Alpha Gear Cobra belts
2. Elite Survival Co Cobra belts
3. SOE Cobra belts

I think SOE is overrated because it’s not as rigid as Blue Alpha gear. Plus, John Willis is a dickhead.

Jacob Madden says:

This Kore belt is awesome! I recently purchased a gun belt from Aliengear and it was a great, supportive belt but way too bulky. This Kore belt is very supportive with my IWB holster and full size Springfield. This belt is stylish, and very minimal in bulkiness.

Devils At My Door says:

Excellent example of a great gun belt.I wear this Kore gun belt everyday. It is a awesome belt that is extremely sturdy and looks great. I have also gotten several compliments on the belt and buckle themselves, which is unusual in I have never gotten a compliment on a belt before. As far as carrying with my EDC it has been a pleasure. The only way someone knows I’m carrying is if I tell them or they notice the clip from my holster. The belt is very unassuming that way. I have not noticed any flex or wear marks and the ratchet system works every time. I now own 2 of these belts and would buy again.

Lee James says:

KORE Reinforced Gun Belt
The Kore Trakline gun belt is a good compromise between a true competitor belt and a dress/casual belt. Every day I openly carry a SW MP 9mm, 5 inch barrel, with 3 spare mags (65 rounds). The Kore belt allows me to comfortably carry. I feel this is due to the stiffness of the belt, its ~1/4″ thickness, and its 1/4 inch adjustment. It is stiff enough to support my EDC, but is not so stiff or thick that it is difficult to use with either of my Safariland belt slide attachments. On the range, I wear suspenders. My suspenders attach as easily to this belt as to my thinner previous belt. I carry in a Safariland 7TS ALS holster with Guard and QLS. With the Kore belt, my holstered pistol is more secure during running or other strenuous motion. Quality and construction are good. I wear the belt to work, church, and the range. Sizing was easy. Good value and quick shipping.

Randolph Jerome Talosig says:

KORE is a LEGIT Gun belt fit to my business attire style

I’ve been longing for a legit gun belt that will blend properly and discreetly into my everyday business attire as an Insurance Professional and as the President CEO of my startup company as my cobra belt is the only one that will properly hold my firearm but wouldnt cut it for my business attire style of clothing and it just screams “I HAVE A GUN!!!”. Finally i found the Kore Trakline gun belt! Now no one will suspect what i have in there. The less hints for onlookers, the better. Bad guys most probably think im just a nerdy/tech savvy in business attire easy prey of the day until I introduce them to my .40sw hallow points 🙂

J Sol says:

Where can I get that shirt?

Trent says:

I’ve been wearing the Kore trakline gun belt for about a month now, and it’s awesome. It is very comfortable and I love how adjustable it is. I don’t know about you, but I start out the day a little on the heavy side, and end the day a little thinner, so having a belt that I can make just a tiny bit tighter throughout the day is great. There is also no visible wear to the belt, even where my gun sits and no sign of damage to the leather from the metal clip of my holster. If you are looking for a comfortable and durable CCW belt, look no further.

Easy D says:

Used the Kore Trackline belt daily over last few weeks. It works perfectly. The
trakline’s ability to adjust in 1/4in increments is perfect for keeping a
CCW close to the body without printing, as well as, provide a perfect
fit with or without carrying. Highly recommend and will purchase another
color belt soon.

Mark Malsom says:

I purchased the Kore 1 1/2″ tactical gun belt to use as a regular belt. The thickness and width of the gun belt styling prevents it from becoming misshapen, and the width prevents my pants from rolling over at the top when bending over, because the belt fills up nearly the entire loop. So far I am very satisfied with this belt. It is a quality belt and it looks great. I have worn ratchet style belts for many years. I love not dealing with holes that are too loose or too tight. Other types of belt buckles slip with activity. Ratchet belts are very adjustable with no slippage.


This is the Best EDC Gun Belt that I have found https://youtu.be/PPPqp69SV7M

Noe Flores says:

Just ordered the snake eater tactical belt as a result of your vid. Let’em know that when i ordered as well.

Captain Skippy says:

I was sorta interested until he pulled out the star wars belt. Really? End of video for me.

J. Blud Channel says:

1.5 or 1.75 belt width? And go..

Angelo Licitra says:

If you’re looking for the most comfortable gun belt – this is it. The quarter inch adjustment ability is amazing, I wish i would have heard about Kore essential when they first came out. Sizing was super simple, supports IWB great and the quality is first class. Get yourself one.

J M says:

KORE is an Excellent Gun Belt
Initially apprehensive, after the first week I’m impressed with the quality, looks and function of this Kore gun belt. The firm insert gives it comparative slimness versus that thick leather Cop Belt look. The full adjustability on the fly function makes it easy to go from a walking, snug, fit to a looser seated tension without wearing it high gut like a duty belt. Even with small IWB there is no chance of holster flip and can be worn as a normal belt as long as you can deal with the Hulla Hoop effect when you drop your drawers. Call it good to go. I’m sold and would consider additional purchases.

SlainByBlind says:

BCT has much better stitching than SOE, the customer service is beyond anything John Willis will give you. Messege SOE asking about a product and see how fast they make you a discount code………

darrin ray says:

how do i get ahold of you to have you make a holster for me? id like an appendix iwb left hand for an m&p with a threaded bbl and option for an optic or aiwb for m&p compact with optipn for optic…. would you email me a dlraymond30@gmail.com so wr can discuss?

Chris Harpster says:

I wear an SOE EDC belt daily off duty, which holds my EDC (Sig P320, 2 mags, and a TLR-1) very nice. I just bought 2 Kore belts in brown and black for when I have to go to court(I’m a deputy) and church,ect. great video’s Mike!

new speed says:

No way im going to carry it in the front!!!! Lol.

jpap1059 says:

I now own 2 Kore gun belts. The first is the X3 leather belt that I’ve had for over a year and it has held up wonderfully. I wear it to work every day and it has not worn or shown any sign of wear yet. The second I recently bought is the X4 stainless steel buckle and tan tactical belt. Wow! I have a couple of other belts from other manufacturers and these are better by far. First of all, it is stiff enough to hold my Glock 21 and 2 extra mags with absolutely no sag or buckling in the belt. It holds up perfectly and distributes the weight quite well. The best part about this belt though is the ratcheting system. No more having to lift up my shirt, undo Velcro and pull on a buckle that doesn’t give. This ratcheting system is pure genius. I can make those after meal adjustments with one hand and do so just a little bit at a time. So, if  you are looking for a great, comfortable, easy adjustable gun belt I highly recommend these Kore gun belts.

Daniel W says:

I have an Alien Gear (same as Bigfoot Belts) belt that is really heavy duty but it is almost too bulky by itself. The belt alone prints through a t shirt depending on what I am wearing. I am a small guy though with a 29-30 inch waist. I might have to check out these options for something thinner.

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