Duty belt review who’s better


Colly Bolly says:

Also that flashlight is a window breaker

Armando Sanchez says:

Jordan I gave you that pen

it's Freerun Time says:

te killer clown

Connor Johnson says:

What do you do with all this stuff

Dart sports says:

mine and benthegamer55 is way better

Defending The Law says:

It doesn’t matter really who’s belt is better. LEOs set up their belts either according to department requirement or personal comfort. It’s all about you and how you can get to your tools.

Wessel Pol says:

The first belt is better. When are you uploading cops and robbers?

Chayse Baxter says:


Angie Kirk says:


Will M says:

when cops and robbers turns into dank youtube vids

Travis Turner says:

No they’re not military glasses worth $330 theyre about 50

Emma Shaw says:

So fack

isaac B says:

Tell your cousin to buy a glove pouch

Raven Wright says:

are you a cop?

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah says:

The flashlight was not a stabler for self defence it a window smasher

Arachnofondler says:

Fucking hell youre like 7 years old stop posting this cringy garbage kid

PlayLikeSilver says:

You know a baton is 18+

Alex Dyratha Kim says:

Bruh bruh ^___^ ×=)

cop boy Wiebe says:

I have a bb gun with no orange tip I alsaw work for security

Wesley sipe says:

The knife is actually called a multi tool edit and the stabber on the flashlight is actually a glass breaker

MroDrillar [] says:

r u fucking female? Your voice sounds female ( almost said vehicle ) And you got some looooong as fuckin nails like Bruh

ENRG Matt says:

Caring a baton is illegal without a permit my dad is a cop for the city of Erie Police Department he is a sgt

Dylan Hernandez says:

where can I buy your model 300 handcuffs in black

police shoot out says:

Your better

Calub Browder says:

Get a real duty belt

Ben bomb says:

where do you get all of your gear

carline velima says:

i have the same radio like you

Police Officer says:

love your video

Aaron Hall says:

Cool stuff guys

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