Comfort Click Belt Review: Is This The Perfect Fitting Belt?

Hands-on review of Comfort Click Belt, a ratchet belt that supposedly gives you the perfect fit every time.

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stimpy 17 says:

I love mine!

mike latecki says:

I bought one about a year ago I wear it everyday I like it I bought something similar on a website it might be a knock off or the original kind of ratchet belt it’s similar but different and I also like that one it’s a little quieter when you tighten it

Son Goku says:

I bought a real leather belt at Mexico for 200 pesos which is like 12 dollars, what a steal!!!

Reese Tha God says:

I mean it is called comfort “click” lol

Justin Graben says:

I got one for Christmas yesterday. I love it.

Tyler Snyder says:

My dad has been using a comfort click belt everyday for a year, and as far as I know with his multitool on it and with the work he does he seems to love it and I believe it’s holding up just fine.
Personally I have to have a sturdy top grain leather belt, because something like this would not hold up with my Buck 119, Buck 110, Leatherman, and belt pouch on it everyday, it’s just too much and the material would wear out where the buckle attaches.

I think belts like this are more for those who wear a suit and tie, not those who carry more than just a phone on their waist.

Erik A says:

Imo if you can cut a belt with a pair of household sizers, it’s not strong enough.

Gorden Wood says:

You just making ppl at the table jealous by adjusting your belt it tells em they need to work out to get that girlish figure..

Chris Levo says:

I like it. I saw one at Walmart and grabbed it. I think it was about $23…somewhere around there. I wish it was more wide

Savage Dragon says:

I think the clicking is cool. Anyway that’s what my friends said when I showed them my similar belt. The noise wouldn’t work tho if you’re a ninja.

Randy Pullman says:

the “minor complaint ” would be the belt part wearing out in 165 days…js

Duggle Bogey says:

All my belts with holes on them are close to the right size because the holes are an inch apart. This one is exactly the right size. Also the holes in leather belts get stretched out, this one does not and always looks new.

Sabino Dealba says:

Does this guy know what a ratchet does?

Christoph Dollis says:

Personally I Love the Kore belts. I was going to order a similar design from a Kore competitor, but saw reviews stating that the Kore Essentials Trakline belts were made of better materials (leathers). I don’t have a personal experience with those competitors, but am definitely excited by my new Kore Icon buckle and top-grain fashion belt which I’ve been comfortably wearing for days now. I now think about my belt less, not more—which is the main point !

Aries Might says:

The belt buckle looks like a womens hair clip.
The buckle isn’t loud. You just have gas.

James Stanovic says:

I love Slide Belts…two steps above in quality and large selection of belt straps and buckles…mix and match!

Beartank Operator says:

I have two they are great

William Smith says:

How good are the Notches when you bend over, Will they slide or stay in place.

John Thomas says:

I had a hard time putting the buckle on the belt . The buckle keeps coming off

Dick Thompson says:

More like comfort click pleather belt

Rorschach says:

I only wear Levi’s leather belts. Always have always will. You can take off a belt with one hand normally I do it every night.

thedaviddance says:

“two inches isn’t alot so I’m gonna go four inches”

Paula Fleischer says:

How do you remove the buckle once its on? we attached the buckle for my father-in-law, but now realize we have to cut off about 6 inches. There is a notch on the back, but its so tight, and won’t lift with a screw driver. Help!

lance havok says:

I love mine best belt I’ve ever used I can never find pants that fit and this belt makes is so much easier to not lose my pants and it looks good too

Ron Garcia says:

First product you reviewed that I might actually buy. It could be a good beater so you don’t screw up a nicer belt (belts accumulate a lot more damage than you’d think).

John Boulton says:

I have two of these belts Just love it..


Customer Reviews who bought and used the comfort click belt – they are NOT good – What do you expect for $19.95 ?
If you want something better, visit Kore at

SupGirlitsBen says:

A little late to the party, but I recently purchased this belt, and boy, it is now the only belt I wear. I personally don’t mind the sound at all… I’m not often adjusting it around people anyway.

Nick Jones says:

Yeah it’s fucked if you cut it to short like I did

P Schmied says:

I have one of these direct from manufacturer. IMO, the belt itselt is cheaply made,. It’s not top grain leather has coarse stitching and crude edges, and no retainer loop. The buckle is bulky, sticks out where a normal buckle lat[ys flat. I wouldn’t wear it daily, but it does adjust as advertised.

For daily use a new design autoajusting nylon tactical belt with FRP plastic buckle for 1/4 the price does a better job with infinite, not 1/4″ adjustment These come in lengths between 110cm and 130cm, and a range of colors/patterns for men and women.

G L says:

This is the best belt ever. I will never use the other kind again.

Kontiki Jackson says:

How do I take the buckle back off to cut it again to fit size again?

David Susilo says:

I used these belts since 8 years ago (before they were introduced to As Seen On TV). I still use them to this day. The price have gone up by almost 100% though 🙁

EveryMan says:

As other commenters have said, Kore Essentials make better belts. I have tested them all and Kore are by far the best, well worth a pickup

Jonathan Cruzate says:

I bought a ratcheted belt from Kenneth Cole, really great quality

hothamandfauri says:

I don’t always drink beer while watching as seen on tv product reviews, but when i do…

I drink Dos Equis!

Stay Thirsty My Friends!

Matt Fortier says:

Thanks guy! I have a slidebelt and it seems to work the same. But thanks for showing me bc I couldn’t find a video on it. Thanks.

Anthony Clemons says:

best belt i’ve ever had

Weavus1 says:

I love my slide belt. If you are looking for a decent one, check out the Marino slide belts on Amazon. I’ve had mine for 3 years and it’s still going strong.

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