Boxer Tactical APOGEE Belt Review – and other ramblings, watches, Inforce APLc, etc

Boxer Tactical Apogee Belt –

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Gone are the days where you either need to choose between a flimsy ‘regular’ belt, and an overly-tactical cobra belt. The market is almost flooded with good belts for concealed carriers these days, and I try to bring some of the better ones onto the channel for review. The Boxer Tactical Apogee belt is one such belt that does a great job of combining elegant for, and useful function. I’ve been interested in the Apogee for awhile, and have finally had some time to use it. In this video I talk about what I like about it, what I don’t love about it, and compare it a little bit to some other belts on the market.

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scr1be says:

to this day, is the snake eater tactical still your favorite belt? i was looking into that magnetic quickie style belt to try. did you end up reviewing it?

J.Cruz671 says:

Do you still use the snake eater tactical edc belt?

OhDot9 says:

Hey man, I’ve been subscribed for a while. Big fan. Quick question, do you rock your belts as tight as possible with your appendix carry? Or, do you leave yourself some room for easier pant adjustment when sitting/standing.

I’m not sure what I prefer yet. Would like your opinion. Thanks.

mark schifferdaker says:

Have you checked out Kore Essentials? Cheaper and best gun belt i’ve tried.

Kurt Henrie says:

Kore essentials belt is a similar design but leather for a different look and works great

Adam Dümdie says:

I have the Suunto, would recommend Garmin because Suunto’s software support isn’t that great. Garmin on the other hand has been awesome.

Todd Krasick says:

that boxer tactical belt may actually work as a tourniquet

darkjedi351 says:

What do you do when you drive? Do you have a holster set up in your truck or do you transfer your rig onto something.

jorges2000 says:

Love the holster

John Smith jr says:

For real though, “once you put it in it is hard to pull out”!!;)

Anthony Reddy says:

I have the aplc on my g19 and tried it on my ppq m2 navy and it works on it, even though light says glock only

Indianahillclimber says:

This video sold me on the cobra. Thanks.

no vale la pena says:

Just a helpful tid bit for everyone: it is much easier (and Boxer tactical recommeds) to trim the belt from the side that the buckle goes, this eliminates the need to clean up the cut or round it. (I see someone didn’t read the product insert haha).

Love the detailed reviews, really hoping you get a chance to review the shield RMS sight, I believe Lone Wolf distributors is a US distributor of the sights and they have them in stock occasionally.

Ryan Redmond says:

Good ramble Mike.

Romans 8:18 says:

I wear my Casio G-Shock in desert tiger stripe camo every single day. I love it

Isaac Ragsdale says:

Hey man! Great vid. Looking forward to the light review! What trijicon rmr are you running?

AlphaSly says:

The BELT IS $99.00

Absdrakt.Recon says:

Beltwhore… j/k Hey have you tried out the BlueAlphaGear Hybrid EDC Belt yet? Wondering how it compares to the ‘Belt of Truth’.

Torrey Ellison says:

Of course you need the fastest release for having sex

readyme says:

Looks kinda similar to the Ares aegis belt.

Aaron Juarez says:

Do you have a problem with your RMR hitting the belt buckle? That is the problem I have because the buckle is really big.

Jimmie Averett says:

Do you have any suggestions for any good apocalypse type books?

Clinton Lee says:

What ring light are you using to light your videos? Great video been waiting for this review. Thank you

Daniel Bowling says:

great books read both

Keith Gemmill says:

Do you have a website for your holsters?

Aman Verma says:


kbn45gen says:

Reading The Final Day right now! What else do I need to buy?…..

Will Redding says:

Does he make aiwb holsters for Springfield xdm by any chance

timcity says:

“I carry a fair amount of stuff in my pants…”

Good for you man… Good for you. 😉

Over Watch says:

Do you find the appendix holster with the sidecar more comfortable than the holsters that just hold the pistol?

Michael Benson says:

Blue alpha gear hybrid belt if you get the spare cash.

Jean-Marc Truong says:

nice watch.i have the black hamilton titanium 🙂 Love your videos,kepp it up!

Aaron Tooley says:

The Kore Essentials belt rocks. Have you tried it?

masonsboyz says:

I bought one after watching your video and I like the belt. Works great. Now with that being said the buckle is big and sometimes makes me print and I have put on some weight. So I got a cobra bucket and belt but the pants I wear I have to take the buckle off to feed the belt through and that’s a pain in the butt so I switch back to this belt set up. I really like both belts and buckets. I wanted to thank you for your input on them both. It helped me out a lot.

Banshee Actual says:

I was curious about the Magpul Tejas Belt. Any experience with it, Mike

Danny Maldonado says:

How does the buckle size compare to the buckle on an Ares Aegis?

Romarie Quinones says:

Would you recommend your holster for a female who is curvier since it only has one clip? I’m carrying an AlienGear holster right now and I’m just looking around at kydex holsters but want them secure with little movement.

jim231808 says:

Been waiting for the aplc holster! You will have my order very soon

Dutch253 says:

I didn’t know One Second Later has a sequel! If you have any recommendations on post apocalyptic books please share! Good ones can be hard to find.

abnace03 says:

Mike, have you read the Going Home series?

Timmy Nelson says:

I’d love to see a review on a Kore Trakline belt. I am trying to find a good carry belt but want something that looks casual and not super tactical.. any recommendations would be great!

JimmyGunXD556 says:

Sold!!! That is sweet!!!……crap out of stock!

masonsboyz says:

I love your flag. My grandma had a flag too that I wanted (I guess it would’ve been my great uncle’s flag when he passed away) but when my grandma passed I wanted it and I was so unset when she did pass I didn’t think to ask for it and I don’t know who has it but I just wanted to say i really like your flag.

NOMAP says:

I’ve been wearing the belt for about 2 weeks now and it’s a great, bulletproof belt that was packaged very nicely. I thought it would be my one and only belt, but I don’t like it due to the HUGE, overbuilt buckle that’s not AIWB friendly and the belt is too flimsy, like a cheap leather Walmart belt. I’d definitely send it back if I could, but I don’t think they do returns. I wish you did this review earlier, LOL. BTW, you trim the end that is attached to the buckle, not the end you cut. That way it keeps the factory rounded end.

gymtard says:

Check the garmin factory outlet online. Just got a forerunner 230 at a super good deal

Jeff Madridejos says:

Mike your thoughts are so genuine! Keep up the great work and thanks for doing these videos and letting us in your life! You rock bro!

Jason Payne says:

Your channel is awesome!!!! Even if there is a little rambling. Keep the videos coming

sager153 says:

DAMN BOI – luv seein’ your tappy trail…do an consider doing an undie-review, so we can see yoru bulge and sac… . .

pinkiewerewolf says:

Good stuff, bro.
BTW, thanks for the links to your filming gear. Thats a cool move.

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