Best Everyday Carry Gun Belt – Trakline Gun Belt Review – Part 1

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Is this truly the best everyday carry gun belt? Check out part 1 of our review on the Kore Essentials Trakline Gun Belt. Part 1 goes over the physical belt itself and what makes it so special as well as the sizing process. In part 2, we will cover it out in the field and test it in actual situations.

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Robert Bluni says:

Carry every day and had my Trakline for 6 months so far. Best EDC belt I’ve ever owned. Super strong and comfortable with jeans, casual and dress pants. The micro adjustments work great.

AnimalMother224 says:

biggest pain with these belts is finding the right width .. every one of them seems to be 1 or 1.25. having a hard time to find a good deal on a 1.5

Dr. Muhammad Ayyub Khan says:

It’s not strong and sterdy. Don’t buy for heavy gun

D10 DozerMan says:

I received my new KORE Trakline X2 Gun Buckle & Black Reinforced Belt today. I order this for my CCW weapon which is a Glock-36 (45acp) and I have to say this belt holds my OWB holster with gun & 2 spare mags perfectly! The belt is very comfortable and I really like how the trakline & ratcheting buckle system works. It’s NO joke! You will get the perfect fit every time you put this belt on. 🙂 Throw out your old style of belts that has the holes.. No more oh it’s too tight or to loose. I can not see myself ever going back to a belt with holes for adjustments now that I have my new Kore Trakline Belt. It’s a perfect fit every time I put it on. The quality of the leather is Top-Notch. This belt is amazing and I recommend it to everyone. Thank you Kore Essentials for Great Customer Service, Fast Shipping, and An Awesome Belt !

samiam1150 says:

Most standard belts have only have five holes. A black belt will blend in the the black belt clip on your IWB holster.

jason12085 says:

ordered one, they’re made in china

Bernie Rosenson says:

It does provide an easy option for storing thw belt with buckle.

The belt and buckle combined are a great addition to my everyday carry. The belt supports my Sig Sauer P320 full size with a magazine that contains 21 cartridges. No sag and EXTREMELY EASY TO ADJUSTI have been using it for 3 weeks now and find it does everything the website ststes it will do. I wouldlike to see a heavier version also . I am ordering one in black today too.

Fred Morgenthaler says:

I’ve only had this Kore belt for about 2 weeks but early indications are that it will work out
great. It is stiff enough to hold holster and weapon without significant
sagging. It looks attractive too. More like a dress belt than a gun belt. The
best feature is the adjustability. With different holsters, different pants and
the little weight fluctuations it helps to be able to dial in the fit,
especially for IWB carry. Gun belts with traditionally spaced holes are not as
accommodating. I had no problem trimming the Kore belt and installing the
buckle. Great product overall.

Lee James says:

KORE Reinforced Gun Belt
The Kore Trakline gun belt is a good compromise between a true competitor belt and a dress/casual belt. Every day I openly carry a SW MP 9mm, 5 inch barrel, with 3 spare mags (65 rounds). The Kore belt allows me to comfortably carry. I feel this is due to the stiffness of the belt, its ~1/4″ thickness, and its 1/4 inch adjustment. It is stiff enough to support my EDC, but is not so stiff or thick that it is difficult to use with either of my Safariland belt slide attachments. On the range, I wear suspenders. My suspenders attach as easily to this belt as to my thinner previous belt. I carry in a Safariland 7TS ALS holster with Guard and QLS. With the Kore belt, my holstered pistol is more secure during running or other strenuous motion. Quality and construction are good. I wear the belt to work, church, and the range. Sizing was easy. Good value and quick shipping.

Casey Hardman says:

I’ve been wearing my X3 for roughly two months now, and so far it has been very sturdy, and I’ve had no problems carrying and drawing my P320 subcompact with it. Very pleased! Also, I ordered the belt Friday and received it Monday, so the shipping was fantastic.

Anthony Villanueva says:

There wasn’t a video review with this quality at the time I purchased! I love my belt for everyday use. It comfortable and has all the sizing you need! However…

I wear my ccw appendix with TrexArms Sidecar Holster. The buckle is not very bulky but because of the hinge on the right side, it pushes out a little bit. So when my shirt is over the buckle, it is apparent that the buckle is being pushed out.

To remedy this somewhat issue in printing, I rotate my belt buckle between 9 and 11 o’ clock so that the rigid part of the Trakline gun belt is at 12 o’ clock allowing me to carry appendix much better.

Again, I love my belt and I admire your thoroughness in the video! Hope this helps for other appendix carriers.

Ryan Galdamez says:

Essential gear

This is my second purchase from Kore. I’ve worn the first belt, pretty much every day, for the past seven months. I purchased the second one so that I could have both brown and black options. The belt has held up well to daily use and easily held the weight of a firearm in an iwb holster. The ratcheting buckle system is amazing also. With the 1/4 inch adjustability, it is easy to find a position that fits perfectly, and the ratcheting system is ridiculously easy to use and adjust throughout the day. I don’t have any desire to go back to the normal “hole” system on other belts. I highly recommend these belts if you carry a firearm or other gear.

Randolph Jerome Talosig says:

KORE is a LEGIT Gun belt fit to my business attire style

I’ve been longing for a legit gun belt that will blend properly and discreetly into my everyday business attire as an Insurance Professional and as the President CEO of my startup company as my cobra belt is the only one that will properly hold my firearm but wouldnt cut it for my business attire style of clothing and it just screams “I HAVE A GUN!!!”. Finally i found the Kore Trakline gun belt! Now no one will suspect what i have in there. The less hints for onlookers, the better. Bad guys most probably think im just a nerdy/tech savvy in business attire easy prey of the day until I introduce them to my .40sw hallow points 🙂

jcgross86 says:

Wish I would have watched this before I bough the belt to get the 10% off. Gonna have to subscribe and make sure I check to see if you have gotten any sweet discounts for us before I purchase anything going forward. Thanks for the work.

Alan Tuttle says:

Kore Gun belt The Kore belt by far the best gun belt I have ever used. The belt and hardware are solid as a rock but so comfortable. It is so easy to adjust for when your carrying or not. I would give this a big thumbs up.

Baltic Hammer says:

I’ve found that Ebay is a great source for pants. 😉

David Burger says:

This is an excellent belt! My Kore gun belt arrived quickly and packaged well with a carrying pouch included. The belt itself is very stiff and works great both for keeping your pants up and for IWB carry. The quarter inch adjustments and quick release lever allow for very granular adjustment and quick tightening or loosening as needed.

Eric Pfaff says:

walmart, dickies reversible heavy duty belt, $12.88!!! there AWESOME!!! i have two. iwb carry it works really good!!!

Frank Berger says:

thanks again !!! super reveiw…frank

bubbiesdad says:

Just ordered black and brown belts from Kore.

Charles Marshall says:

I have one and like the ratchet system, but the belt is not nearly stiff enough to be called a gunbelt.

Matt McPherson says:

Do they have a steel core version type like this?


great review! Im Going to buy this belt i like the system something different! btw would love to see more vids from you 3 weeks is a long time lol but i know your busy just messing with you!

bang2loud1981 says:

I had this belt for like 3 months and it’s not a good belt I was at the mall and the belt buckle separated from the belt and not a good situation when carrying and I was carry my springfield armory xd-9 mod 2 4” in a iwb holster and a kydex dual mag holder the teeth ripped the material happened twice to me not happy when I paid almost $65 for this belt but I’m a bigger guy so maybe I put to much weight on it

Raymond Denno says:

OK I’ve been conceal carrying A Glock 22 for 5 years in a Walmart leather belt. It has not been a good fit or gun belt. I just didn’t”t want to spend nearly &100 on a gun belt. I’m hoping this belt make’s it easier for to carry without printing or moving around. My first gun belt I ordered today on saturday. I’m gonna carry the Glock 22 appendix style in my Galco Triton holster. 3 to 5 days before I get the x3 black belt. Looking forward to my first gun belt ever. Hope the belt lasts. I don’t have a car so I walk the city with my G22. Been doing it for 5 years since being in an impoverished city in PA.

usarbo says:

Best belt ever!!

Bought X1 Kore gun belt. As a gun belt it’s awesome and as a regular belt it’s awesome. Why do I say awesome so much about this belt. Because whether you need to use for varied size IWB concealed weapon, or you just ate more than usual at dinner time, being able to adjust it 1/4″ at a time and always have a perfect fitting belt every frick’n time…. Awesome !!!

ItsTommyBeltran says:

I’ve ran through TONS of belts in my life. This by far is the best belt I’ve ever had. It does what it’s meant to do, it hold up gun/extra mag and my pants up. Very comfortable and very “fashionable” belt. I will definitely recommend this belt to friends and relatives. Going to give it a 2-3 month run and do a review on my YouTube channel to show how it hold up after some months. Thanks Kore Essentials!

Dandyboy19 says:

I’ve had mine for about 3 months now. This is an excellent belt. Being able to make these micro adjustments makes carrying so much more comfortable. If I’m in the car for a while, or sitting in a theater, I can let out a couple clicks. When I stand up and am walking around I can take it in a couple clicks. It’s rigid, and holds everything in place. It couldn’t be any better in my opinion.

CncObsession says:

I do wonder why every review put this belt on the opposite way a man’s belt should be worn. You were the firs person I saw mention it. The belt should do just like the pants below it.
A man’s clothing has the left side overlapping the right side. Women are just the opposite.
I did order the belt yesterday knowing I will wear it opposite of the directions. Hopefully the release wont be an issue.

J M says:

KORE is an Excellent Gun Belt. Initially apprehensive, after the first week I’m impressed with the quality, looks and function of this Kore gun belt. The firm insert gives it comparative slimness versus that thick leather Cop Belt look. The full adjustability on the fly function makes it easy to go from a walking, snug, fit to a looser seated tension without wearing it high gut like a duty belt. Even with small IWB there is no chance of holster flip and can be worn as a normal belt as long as you can deal with the Hulla Hoop effect when you drop your drawers. Call it good to go. I’m sold and would consider additional purchases.

Buck Wheat says:

It’s crap. Already flexing on a sub compact! Garbage!!

Paciaro305 says:

This youtube review and others helped me find this belt. So let me set the tone by saying this is the nicest gun belt I own, as far as looks are concerned and for everything else it is second to none. Some belts are a bit stiffer, but not by much, these other belts are also more costly, thicker, heavier and not as nice for dress pants or even for office casual jeans with a button down or tucked in polo, which I wear everyday. I own, many gun belts, from the beltman all the way to custom shops and big names like, wilderness, uncle mikes, comptac, galco, safariland, etc, they all make very nice belts, whether they are leather or instructor belts but I use the Kore everyday for work, I own an RGB belt (the other ratchet belt for guns) and I honestly would return it if it wasn’t a gift, at the price point I purchased 2 Trackline gunbelts with one buckle and ordered a second buckle today for $20 less than a single RGB. We shall see how the fit and finish of the Kore Belts hold up, but so far for over a month it hasn’t shown any wear. Unless I’m working on a car or on an outdoor project where I may scratch the belt or buckle I wear my Kore, for other dirtier projects I where one of the other belts. Let me also say I’m 6′ and 300lbs and this belt is way more comfortable on my cupcake handles than some of the other belts.

Armando Rey says:

Just ordered one. Thanks for the promo code.

Acecool says:

It isn’t hard to be unbiased when someone sends you a product; so because of this comment I won’t watch the review. Don’t try… Either be or not… If you can’t because a company sends you a product, then don’t review; simple. People watch reviews for honesty, not bribery.

I’ve never received a straight answer from Kore as to the quality of the the leather ( they say second layer which is in the spectrum of genuine-leather, or the worst quality leather you can buy which cracks and I have seen other belts like this that crack like crazy )…

Neil Reid says:

Just got mine today. Really like it- comfortable, slick buckle mechanism, holds the IWB holster perfectly. Let’s see how it holds up- my one slight concern is that the buckle appears to scratch really easily (discovered while opening the belt swivel lock on the backside of the buckle). Thanks for your review- enjoyed it and learned from it.

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