Best Everyday Carry (EDC) Belt? | Rapid-Fire Review by Budget Bugout


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Joseph Dykes says:

Nice belts, but seems like a paranoid belt would be more useful.

Oblivion Tactical says:

Pointy corners on buckle are uncomfortable! Round those off trakline!

Bugout Boys says:

Cool edc! Can u do a review of the j5 tactical flashlight? Its about $14 on amazon

Greenman Bushcraft and survival says:

As an experienced person what are your thoughts on the new spiderco bushcraft knife

JimmyD_C172 says:

Wow. Just what I was looking for! Thanks. You made LOL. Having a black AND brown belt. My belt, shoes and to a lesser degree, socks match, that is the extent of my fashion meter. My wife is cool with that. Did you check your gig? I still check mine every time. Well done and thanks again.

Frank Tanner says:

Hey Ryan! Nice review! Love your channel!

sheffieldsg says:

I’m pretty sure the hanger was designed for their thinner regular belts and that’s why it’s loose with the wider carry belt.

Mike Brousseau says:

Just like the “mission belt!” Great concept!

Steve Clark says:

I’m wondering how well them tracks will last over time, general wear & tear and what with the weight of two multi tools and a couple of flashlight pouches that I like to carry.

preparedlife says:

I just did a edc video and would love some feedback from the prepping community. thanks in advance

Confederate Flag says:

Nice belts

Rhydian Slinger says:

great video keep it up

Liam Ireland says:

I have been searching for the best belt to keep my pants up. I’m not down with sagging pants. I finally found it! Blackhawk rigging belt. It keeps up my pants all day. And I EDC tons of stuff, including leatherman surge. It’s a man’s tool but heavy.

frankie sampson says:

+Budgetbugout what film edit app do you use

Brian Comparan says:

Nice belts bro ! Quick question what made u choose the air force over any other like marines, navy etc?

Confederate Flag says:

When r u doing another EDC VID

Confederate Flag says:

U should do a knife colekshon vid 

Sorry for the spelling

Brian Comparan says:

Awesome bro thanks for answering back! U stay safe out there. U inspire me to be a greater and more knowledgeable person everyday God Bless!

jack lock says:

I like the quick stuff. Are the belts leather or something else?

Oblivion Tactical says:

Also, my hanger works perfect. No issues.

Carmen Palumbo says:

Cool video! You should look into grip6 belt.


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Shamrath Flynn says:


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