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Rimowa Salsa Air Polycarbonate Review.
Rimowa Salsa Air Collection:

In this video, Robin from Luggage Online discusses the Rimowa Hardside Polycarbonate, specifically from the Salsa Air Collection. German made, this piece of luggage is vastly different from many others out there. A luxury product, this piece is also the most durable one on the market. The polycarbonate is so unlike any other brands. In fact, it is so durable that it is unable to dent or crack. Though a product like this may seem like it would be heavily, it is surprisingly lightweight, and it is provided with an upright handle that makes carrying the bag easy. However, some might say that the bag’s most impressive feature is the locking feature that even includes a TSA approved lock. The interior design of the bag is simple, and has only two main separate compartments. To find more information regarding the Rimowa Salsa Air Collection, please visit LuggageOnline.com.


komprsr says:

where’s jessica?

Peter Paul Sunga says:


Uvariant says:

Too bad Rimowas are too expensive.

Eric Toogood says:

This presentation is incorrect. The Rimowa does dent and my suitcase, which was just over a year old wast broken on a recent trip back to Norway from Manchester (UK) and could not be repaired. What is correct is that Rimowa is a high end and very expensive suitcase which I thought would be a good investment as I travel a lot for both business and pleasure. I will not be buying a Rimowa again and I can not recommend this to other travellers.

Evil Max Loves Cats says:

this lady sucks

WellieSong says:

“dorable” ITS DURABLE

wazzas888 says:

Is this the 26″ or the 29″?

slimydick23 says:

Every time I heard the word Dorable… I thought, no it’s not… it’s DURABLE

Dave Wood says:

I purchased a Rimowa Salsa bag and in less than 8 months the shell cracked. Rimowa refused to fix the bag and even had the audacity to tell me that the bag was too delicate to be checked and that the bag needs to be carry-on only. I expect for a high-end luggage company to honor their warranty and value their customers. I was duped, the Rimowa 5 year guarantee is a complete sham. Do not purchase Rimowa products.

Gmork says:

Can the zipper hack work on this bag?

chrizitionz says:

not correct, bought this case and has over 4 significant tears in the material. It easily breaks once temperatures drop slightly. material cannot actually dent just flex. If this polycrbnt is dented it will either tear or leave a significant fold line. The problem with this case corners break easily when handled normally by airlines. warranty covers only accessories of the case wheels handles etc. tears or case damage is not covered. tears cannot be fixed the case will have to be replaced.

Kash F says:

Some one forced this poor lady to do this Video.

Mark Ma says:

I have one

Leah Li says:

what color is this one?

Alex Kwa says:

i’m going to order this rimowa 29″ salsa air, but having a hard time to decide which color should i get? navy blue or purple? any recommendations or suggestions please?

Abraham Jeevan Roy says:

That is one depressed woman, go have some ice cream and play with your kids

SeeYouInParis says:

is this the navy blue one?

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