BEST 3 PIECES OF LUGGAGE for 60% OFF – Review & Pack Test

I have found the 3 pieces of luggage (including carry on luggage) for 60% off retail. This set is amazing for a family going on vacation!

► 60% Off Top Rated 3 Piece Verdi Luggage Set + 2 Year Warranty + Free Shipping – LINK:

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In this video The Deal Guy has found an amazing daily deals that will help you be better at how to pack a carry on. This best luggage is some of the best suitcase and carry on luggage on the maket.

This video also has luggage packing tips that to help my luggage or your luggage haha. This best travel luggage video is will help you on the way to smart luggage. If you need to learn how to pack a carry on then this is the best luggage deal for you!



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Ayesha Richardson says:


Leslie Velazquez says:

Man too late on the deal

Janet Dodd says:

That is such a great deal on the suitcases! Gotta get them!

Nikisha Jackson says:

pack it up, holds alot.

Shelly T says:

Nice luggage!

heIIokatie says:

great deal !!!

Daniel Castañón says:

The luggage looks great, but I travel with JanSport only.

johnmarket1115 says:

Matt you really are amazing. Thank you for all the work on providing all the deals

Memo Lopes says:

ii need a vacation

theking022282 says:

If I do any traveling, I’m sure to get these luggages. Thanks.

emir öksüz says:

you are the bestt

04MrsB says:

Thanks Matt for the deals!!

beachbumx00 says:

this is awesome i bought the carry on a couple werks back and i love it. thanks matt your the best

mjc172172 says:

Ugh. They are sold out.

ncgirl48 says:

Very nice for my trip to Italy

Rita Thomson says:

I really need this luggage set

Kim Adams says:

Thumbs up!

Judy Baiad says:

Welcome Phoebe


Renegade Moose says:

So many giveaways and awesome deals.

Justin Williams says:


Jay McEnroe says:

College student here. My first video of yours I started watching was with phoebes first video with you. It was coincidence but not only phoebes personality in the videos is a mix between enthusiastic and cute but shes also very pretty. You should definitely keep her in your videos. I would admit I’ve watched a bit more of your videos because of her and my interest in cool deals and tech gadgets

mjc172172 says:

This is great info. Thank you.

Karen Lonczak says:

Congrats Scott!

Sammy Martinez says:

love these luggage

Cynthia Limón says:

great deal

Melinda Angel says:

Great deal as always! I need to plan a trip so I have a reason to get new luggage. Thanks, Matt and Phoebe!

Erik Mosson says:

Matt, I unfortunately snoozed on many of the previous luggage deals that you’ve reviewed. I’m in desperate need of large luggage in the next 2 weeks…any recommendations/deals that you perhaps know of?

jean green says:

Great! Like the wait but boring colors!

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